Finance Loan

A finance loan is a short to medium term loan granted to customers for purchase of moveable capital assets, mainly Motor Vehicles, construction equipment, industrial plant & machinery, agricultural equipment, Office & IT based equipment and specialized working equipments.

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Examples of finance loans in Kenya

  • KCB Boresha BiasharaLoan is designed to finance Micro and Small Entrepreneurs who require working or investment capital to Boresha their businesses. The security requirements are very flexible for example chattels such as household items, shares and business stock making easy for one to get access to financial credit to take their business to the next level. The KCB Boresha loan is affordable and has no hidden charges.
  • Co-op bank finance loan gives you the flexibility to finance your moveable assets without tying up any other property or assets as collateral. This is because the asset being financed becomes the security. Co-op Asset Finance frees up your cash and helps you acquire your much needed assets with minimum fuss while paying for the asset in easy monthly rentals of up to 48 months. With the asset generating income for you, it practically pays for itself. With this loan one automatically qualifies for insurance premium financing under Co-op Insurance Finance product. The benefits are:
    1. Competitive pricing in both local and foreign currency.
    2. Flexible repayment period of up to 48 months.
    3. Financing of all types of moveable assets such as laptops, computers, printers, saloon cars, pickups, tractors, prime movers, school buses, generators, medical equipment and many more.
    4. Financing of both new and second-hand assets.
    5. Insurance premium financing for the assets purchased with the option of renewing it periodically over the duration of the facility and beyond.
    6. Automatic reminders of insurance expiry.
  • The Fina Asset Finance product has been designed to help people acquire movable and capital assets and use them as security for the facility. It allows one to borrow from Ks 300,000 and the loan covers anything between 70% to 90% of total project costs. Security is the existing or acquired personal or business assets owned by the applicant or by the Third Party (Insured for the term of the loan) and Corporate and personal guarantees of business owner(s).
    The interest on the loan is charged on reducing principal balance and is repayed in equal Monthly Installments of up to 3 months initial interest only period if required. Their are up to 60 months, repayment in equal installments with interest charged on declining balance.

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