KWFT DTM is now over two years into giving start up business loans . Within this time KWFT DTM has brought closer its products and services to clients through 21 branches all over Kenya.

These services are open to all Kenyan girls and women.

This new development will enable KWFT expand the range of services it’s offering in the Kenyan financial sector. The license demonstrates KWFT’s long term commitment to eradication of poverty and reinforces its strategy to empower Kenyan families through women. KWFT is the largest regulated women only serving institution in Africa.

KWFT offers the following start up loans:

Biashara loans: To support women with small and medium scaled businesses to access affordable financial services. It aids in creation of employment and reduction of rural – urban migration.


  • Flexible security requirement
  • Monthly meetings and loan repayments
  • Flexible loan amounts
  • Business skills training
  • Low processing fee
  • Low monthly savings
  • Loan from ks 10,000
  • Insurance cover at a low premium

Mwangaza loans: To enable medium and big scaled business women to access affordable financial services.


  • Flexible security requirement
  • Access to business skills training
  • Flexible loan amounts
  • Fast processing of loans
  • Monthly loan repayments
  • Loan from ks 50,000

Mwamba loans: This is a loan to individual entrepreneurs with large scaled businesses to access affordable financial services. This loan can be advanced to our customers to facilitate the acquisition of assets like vehicles and machinery.


  • Access loan as an individual
  • No group guarantee
  • Flexible loan amounts
  • Flexible monthly loan repayments
  • Flexible security requirements
  • Fast loan processing

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