Check Off Loans

What are “check off” loans? These are loans made available to employees whose employers have signed an agreement with a lending institution to allow their employees to take loans. The employer will then process and remit the loan repayments directly to the lending institution.

Benefits of check off loans:

  • These loans typically do not require any security
  • Usually processed very quickly
  • In the case of banks, they are one of the few ways to get a loan from a bank without opening an account with them
  • In some cases the repayment terms are more flexible than most other loan types

What is in it for the employer? When an employer offers this type of loan to employees, it is a benefit, or a perk, for employees. Basically, like in any other business, employers only give bonuses if it will benefit the employer. Employers often use facilities such as “check off loans” to attract new recruits or motivate current staff to stay with the employer. It is purely a business decision.

You can apply for a check off loan through us below:

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  1. hello my names are Keaty Tamasha Mwachiro working with Kenya Ports Authority Mombasa
    my aim is i need a loan but i dont have an account with your bank please advise me.

  2. james nyaosi busaka says:

    my names are james nyaosi busaka from taveta iplied alon through youth office please i have been in head office they told me to wait confirmation from mombasa when they told me to submit latest bank statement i did so but i have not been answered so please tell me how far it has been done

  3. Peter Kalaile says:

    Am Peter Kalaile working with Ap at meru.I have a loan from coop bank,will you buy such loans so that one can borrow from you?

  4. Am Alice Okello from uriri Migori. I applied for a with you. How long does it take to ready, cauze I already have my pin and Acc.

  5. Daniel Makau Nzwili says:

    Am Daniel Nzwili a youth living in Nairobi Kenya with no work,security or either earning money for my self but i have this plan of getting a loan of upto 5million to invest in transport industry,how can you really help me out?

  6. Good morning, I am interested in making an application, but I got the message that you are currently not taking applications. When will you be back?

  7. Stephen Ngesa Ogwel says:

    Am a teacher employed with the TSC I applied for a loan using an online payslip for October 2013 since the TSC has not released the same in hard copies is it valid?

  8. Nassir Salmin Omar says:

    Where are your offices in mombasa would like to visit you

  9. What are the loan limits for an individual who earns salary of 11000/= through your bank?

  10. My name Yusuf i need I lorry worth 3 million. What percent do I need

  11. stanley says:

    hi, am stanley in dire need of a check-off loan about basic salary is 26k.pliz advise me on the institution that can offer this amount at cheaper rates over 6 yrs.

  12. I am Moses and I need an asset loan of matatu psv. How can I get quick loan and what percentage are you facilitating? Is there a provision from bank to facilitate 100% for the same? If not, is there a way I can get money from a different bank to top up the required percentage for me as account holder?

  13. Still on the asset financing of a business car loan, I have an account with chasebank and are ready to offer me 90% of the amount. My challenge now is how can I get the 10% ?

  14. Raphael Nzwili says:

    Am Raphael Nzwili I applied for a loan at your Embu branch last DEC. 2015 up to date the acc. is still locked coz equity bank had not given out there stop order which has arlready been given out now my problem is why has it not been fully booked by your staff.

  15. vitlo vitlo says:

    What does it take for you to refund coz whenever I get to bank am told pay arrears of 20/= when paid the systems do not effect the change in the payment what’s wrong with your systems

  16. bethuel odhiambo says:

    am bethuel odhiambo i applied aloan at ua branch in busia it was a buy now 1 month and still waiting.

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