Loan Application Forms

Kenya Loans was set up to make loan products more accessible to Kenyans. We provide a fast, secure and confidential way of finding loans without being charged high interest rates. It is our mission to provide information on loans in Kenya at lower interest rates that are affordable to every borrower. And we now have […]

Check Off Loans

What are “check off” loans? These are loans made available to employees whose employers have signed an agreement with a lending institution to allow their employees to take loans. The employer will then process and remit the loan repayments directly to the lending institution. Benefits of check off loans: These loans typically do not require […]

Online Loan

An online loan is the kind of loan available to clients who are suitable for borrowing online. The application, verification and loan repayments are made online through agreed upon means of payments, terms and conditions. Examples of online loans in Kenya Kenya Loans You can apply for the following loans online, right now, right here: […]

Loans for Business

Loans for business are the loans used for starting up various different businesses in Kenya. Loans for business can be acquired from different banks here in Kenya and also from different Micro finance institutions that offer loans for business start up. Apply for a Business Loan Examples of loans for businesses in Kenya In Kenya […]

Business Loan

A business loan is a working capital loan designed to facilitate business growth, expansion and the upgrade of ones business depending on needs arising in the business. A business loan can be obtained from different banks and other micro- finance institutions and it also has payment rates and grace periods as any other loans. Apply […]