Online Loan

An online loan is the kind of loan available to clients who are suitable for borrowing online. The application, verification and loan repayments are made online through agreed upon means of payments, terms and conditions.

Examples of online loans in Kenya

Kenya Loans

You can apply for the following loans online, right now, right here:

Zawadi Kenya

Is the premier online provider of same-day cash advances in Kenya. Their fast, convenient services has helped thousands of Kenyans bridge the gap between pay-days from the comfort and privacy of home or office.

Zawadi Kenya provides citizens with the peace of mind they can only get from the most secure and adequate funding solutions.

It has the following features:
Zawadi Kenya provides fast and convenient online cash advance services to customers all across Kenya.

  • Same-day Funding — Receive approval by 3 pm Monday through Friday and receive your money the same day at no extra charge
  • Fast Approval — It takes just 2 minutes to apply and you’ll receive approval within 2 hours
  • Easy Online — Application Apply online from the comfort and privacy of home and there are no queues.
  • Zawadi advantage — Save up to 30% off every loan with our exclusive Zawadi plus Member Program

Higher Education Loans Board

The Kenya Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) whole loan application process is done online. So, it is not possible to download a form, fill it of-line and then drop it to their offices.

Successful applicants will have their accounts credited before the beginning of each semester. Students are advised to open accounts with any of the following collaborating banks:

  • Equity Bank
  • Kenya Commercial Bank
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  • National Bank of Kenya
  • Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank)


  1. My name is Mary. I sincerely need a loan to pay for my sons’ fees in September 2013. Both are self sponsored and I have no idea where to get the money. Can I get a secured loan using my SACCO shares? and how long would it take if I applied today.

    Thank you.

  2. i need a loan to finance my univesity


    Kindly help me get loan of Ksh.70,000. Thank you.


  4. how can i access zawadi loan

  5. ANTONY OBUYA says:

    I am an independent writer who earns around 10,000 monthly. I would like to get a loan to buy a new computer laptop?

  6. My name is mercy.i need a loan to restart my bussiness and i dont have capital please advise me on how to go about it.

  7. i need a loan to purchase tools for my buisness

  8. hi, my name is wicliffee, am employed but my employer gave us conditions that we must open a salary account with stanchart bank only of which they dont offer loans to people earning below a gross salary of 40000.can i get a loan with you ?

  9. Hi, I am Kennedy, I would like to get unsecured loan like 3000k,how soon can get it and what is the maximum duration for re? payments

  10. sorry it is 300k not 3000k

  11. Fredriock Boit says:

    I need some money 160000ksh to repair my van I do have a log book

  12. am a self sponsored student at egerton university, could you please help me get loan to finance my studies?


    Dear Kenya loan. Help me get a loan of KSh.70,000. I need the money to pay school fees for my children. How can i go about it. I am anxiously waiting for a reply. Also give me the contact person who can help me to go about it.

  14. Dear All,

    This thing does not work. Its just a sham. Look elsewhere please.

    • 254loans says:

      You are incorrect.

      The reason why you may not have gotten a loan is because our lending partners only accept a very few number of loan requests.

  15. can i get aloan of 100000ksh

  16. Hi. I need a zawadi loan of 100.000 to pay for something very urgently coz its on high demand. And my security is my house hold items and I will repay the loan within two weeks. Thanks in advance.

  17. my name is catherine i need apersonal unsecured loan to clear my bills and to move into anew house i earn ksh 11000 per month, is it possible for me to get aloan in your firm.

  18. lilibeth says:

    i nid a urgent loan of 10000 how can i get it

  19. josephine makona says:

    hi, is it possible to get a loan if my paypoint is with another bank?..currently need a loan to offset fees and other needs payble in three months.

  20. frida katumbi maitha says:

    my name is frida i have requested unsecure loan of i going to succed pliz?

  21. yasin khan says:

    Hi my name is yasin I need a loan of 5000 to make my kid go to school.

  22. Teddy Ochieng says:

    What is post payslip instalment?

  23. i need loan to start up a business kindly help

  24. Collins Oduor Okoth says:

    I urgently need ksh.150,000 payable in three monthly instalments to cater for purchase of a piece of land. How will that be possible.

  25. fatuma ramadhani says:

    Hello can i get a loan of 50,000 and put my shares certificate as collateral?

  26. Hi. I need an unsecured loan. Can I get the loan and after how long?

  27. betth wangari says:

    if u apply a loan how long do you wait until you get your reply

  28. i am teacher i need a loan of 20000 to start business

  29. GRACE WANJIKU says:

    please i need an urgent loan to repay after two weeks for my online business how do i go about it

  30. Everlyne Akaka Odera says:

    Where can I get an online loan of 200k payable in monthly installement?

  31. Benjamin Wafula says:

    Hi am Ben from Kakamega.lam in need of a loan of 150000 to clear my purchase of land.I have two logbooks for two motorcycles which are two months old.please can I get?

  32. urgently need loan of 30k to run my business payable with two month..thanks

  33. halloo iam ibrahim bett iam working in k t d a factory please i need a loans to add up my business 100000ksh

  34. Hi please i need a loan to pay my fee balance at my university its my last semester to do my last exams my balance is ksh38,000 please this means life to me

  35. Augustine says:

    I realy nid a loan

  36. I need a loan to start a small business

  37. morning,can i please get a kshs 40000 loan

  38. Hi i need a loan of 80000 finance my education. How can i get it?

  39. millicent odwar says:

    Hi am millicent need a loan to start a small biz about 20K how should i go about it and how soon can i get it

  40. christine says:

    i do online sales in Jumia kenya,My daily orders are increasing in a way that i cannot finance my products,Kindly finance me with a loan of 50,000 to boost my business.

  41. hi am stanley i,m requesting a loan of 50,000 payable in 4 months

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