While other micro finance services charge borrowers interest rates upwards of 40% or more,their  direct peer-to-peer micro lending model reduces the cost of Zidisha loans to just a fraction of this. The lower micro finance interest rates translate into larger profits for the entrepreneurs – profits that go directly towards the well-being of their families and their communities.

Unlike other micro finance services that simply allow web users to fund micro finance programs, Zidisha offers the ability to interact directly with the entrepreneurs. Lenders can post questions and comments, while borrowers share the progress of their micro investments and let lenders know about the impact that their micro finance investing provides.

They stand behind the commitment to their clients. If any Zidisha member is not completely satisfied with the performance, they immediately refund 100% of the lender credit uploads, donations and service fees paid by that member – even if the loans funded with the lender credit have not yet been repaid to Zidisha. This guarantee is offered equally to lenders and to borrowers. No conditions or limitations.