Commercial Loans

A commercial loan is a debt-based funding arrangement that a business can set up with a financial institution. The proceeds of commercial loans may be used to fund large capital expenditures and/or operations that a business may otherwise be unable to afford.

Examples of commercial loans in Kenya

Commercial Construction Loans

Finance Factors offers a mortgage loan to construct improvements for small commercial developments such as apartment buildings, warehouses and shopping malls.

1. Affordable interest only payments during construction.
2. Monthly payments based on actual drawn balance so you only pay for the amount you’re actually using.
3. Flexible terms provide sufficient time to complete construction.
4. Loan can be used to purchase land and finance construction.
5. One-time application and closing for construction and permanent financing.
6. Competitive fixed and adjustable rate mortgage terms.

Development Loans for Residential Projects

Small or large residential subdivision loans are available to developers. Finance Factors provides developers with one loan to complete the infrastructure and to build out homes in the subdivision.

1. Customized loan structure to meet your specific needs.
2. Permanent takeout financing is available.
3. Experienced commercial loan officers are responsive to your needs and provide financing solutions.
4. Competitive pricing.

Loans on Income Properties

This is used to purchase or refinance a mortgage on income producing properties such as apartment buildings, warehouses, commercial office and retail buildings and shopping malls.

1. Fixed rate and adjustable loan rates.
2. Flexible underwriting.
3. Knowledgeable and experienced commercial loan officers.

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